Friday, April 22, 2011

The next "Yes"!!!

Happy Earth Day!!!  I remember that first Earth day. I was expecting my first child and was part of the tree huggers.  My husband was completing his forestry major at Oregon State in Corvallis Oregon.  40+ years!!

As part of my new life, I am developing a few new personal rules to get myself to the next "Yes".   The first one is "should" means "NO"!!  If I say to my self  "I should  go to the grocery store," I don't.  I look at the other options and pick the one without the "should." attached.   That does not mean I am not getting the essentials done.   Groceries  are being bought, bills are paid, and laundry is getting done.  I am just following my interests since I have the time now.

For example, I decided I wanted to learn to bake French baguettes.  You know those great crusty loaves of bread.  So I did.   It was the next "Yes."  The first loaves were a little too close to being doorstops because in the two day process, I forgot to let the dough rise enough times.   Helps if you pay closer attention to the directions carefully noted in the recipe.  I also learned two more lessons.   One, some cooking thermometers are made more of plastic than is obvious at first glance and melt in 500 degree ovens. Two, even hot water poured in a hot Pyrex baking dish will crack it.  Who knew?!   The next batch of French bread was much better!!!

My next "yes" was making scones! I can now make a mean apricot, raspberry or cranberry scone.

So I am living my life right now looking out for options.

One of my fun new choices has been to watch Oprah as she completes her last season. I make myself a cup of Chai and sit down to watch the entire show.   Such a luxury and it gives me ideas to consider for the next Yes.

On one show this week, the options for retirement expanded when a recently retired woman gave birth to her grandson as a surrogate. Kris Casey was so joy filled to do this for her daughter and son-in-law   Wow, giving birth or being a surrogate was not anything I connected with the word "retirement".
I don't think this is the path for me but what I loved was the clarity Kris Casey had about her own personal next yes.

My next "yes" came together tonight as I looked up Director Tom Shadyac's website about his new movie "I AM."   (He is the director of Ace Ventura, Liar, Liar, Patch Adams and other great comedies and yes, he was on Oprah.)  I remember watching this man talk about giving up his "Hollywood style life" for a lifestyle that felt right for him and thinking it would be fun to meet this guy.   On his website, I found out the film is only being shown in selected theaters and cities.  To my astonishment,  one of the cities was Minneapolis tomorrow night  and  the director Tom Shadyac is going to be at two of showings!!
Hmm...  seems like a sign  that says "YES" to me.

So I have tickets to the movie "I AM", dinner reservations at a nearby bistro and my wonderful friend Ann who is interested in everything to enjoy it with me.


  1. Oh yes to the love of learning! It sounds wonderful to be following the YES. Hope the movie is enlightening. Now, I'm craving scones.

  2. I agree with Kara's comment above since saying YES to learning and loving each step in the process is certainly part of MY live path. I'm sorry it took me almost a week to return here to read your wonderful post about 'the next yes' in your newly retired life. It's a powerful reminder for each of us to live fully moment to moment. I'm eager to learn what you've done since publishing this piece!
    Hugs and blessings,